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One rode forward, a tall man, taller than all the rest; from his helm as a crest a white horsetail flowed. He advanced until the point of his spear was within a foot of Aragorn’s breast.



Benedict Cumberbatch and Andy Serkis attend the press line for The Hobbit



John Barrowman talks about meeting Benedict Cumberbatch at San Diego Comic Con 2014

Oh Barrowman :D


Benedict Cumberbatch SDCC 2014 “Button Lady” Dragon Voice


This tutorial explains some of the ways you can incorporate undertones into your art. It starts out very basic for beginners, then shows some more advanced ways to shade. 
If you don’t have photoshop then instead of using a “color burn” layer, experiment with what your program does have. Try a “Multiply” layer or a “shade” layer.

Skin Tones

Finding Undertones

Let me know if you have any questions!